The characteristics of the SPY family

Minimalism, functionality and versatility are the key terms to describe this extensive collection. The Spy was designed to meet multiple lighting requirements, an ideal solution for accent lighting in residential or commercial spaces. The range features low to high lumen packages, narrow to wide beam options, recessed to surface mounted and track applications, different color finishes and combinations, and can be equipped with multiple light refining accessories.

The recessed version of the Spy features the Delta Light patented Ex-centric Rotation System (ERS), allowing the user to move the Spy in a very dynamic and fluid way, with no sight into the ceiling regardless of position. The Mini Spy is the smallest member in the range and a joy to the eye. The miniature dimensions make the Mini Spy truly unique, unobtrusive and with full focus onto the light. A 1,6W powerled is combined with a lens, resulting in a 19° focused beam. The small trim makes it easy to install. The Mini Spy is at its best when positioned in clusters or in a playful composition. The Mini Spy is also available as a module in the made-to-measure Finnline profile, enabling multiple application options and design consistency.

A noteworthy newcomer is the Midispy Trimless. A compact tube that can be completely or half sunk into the ceiling using a kit for recessed mounting. With this kit, the Midispy can also be surface mounted, so that the Midispy presents itself like a curious object peeking from the ceiling, able to ‘spy’
up to 350° around the room.

The biggest and most powerful version in the range is the MaxiSpy. Available surface mounted or on track, the Maxi Spy comes in different beam angles and can be completed with a range of light refining accessories.

With the launch of the Lighting Bible 11, the Spy collection was extended with multiple track versions. This range features different diameters and colour finishes for 2F, 3F or dimmable 3F tracks. Thanks to the variety of LED versions, high CRI, the ability to add accessories, availability of different beams and wide range lumen packages the Spy track collection offers a solution for every project type.

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