We are building the future!

We are building the future!

Moorsele, 27 February 2014 - Today Delta Light is unveiling its ambitious expansion plans for its company headquarters in Moorsele (Wevelgem). This major investment project will further emphasise Delta Light’s international growth, high ambitions and Flemish origins. From its (West) Flemish roots, Delta Light has grown into a global player in the field of architectural lighting in just twenty-five years. The coming year will show how essential the company’s local anchoring really is.

Since its establishment in 1989, Delta Light has evolved dramatically. Originally a strictly local player in mainly residential lighting, this family business now boasts global partnerships with various leading brands, lighting designers and architects. Whereas private residences are still a key component of the company’s realisations, Delta Light has expanded its scope to include a broad spectrum of other sectors ranging from retail to hotels and the catering industry, from office buildings to surgeries and practices, from showrooms to museums and from the health care sector to public projects.

Local anchoring is a key asset

Due to its continued expansion, Delta Light’s current HQ in Moorsele is no longer equipped to accommodate the company’s daily operational and creative activities. “That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to expand this site”, says Peter Ameloot, Delta Light’s Managing Director / Operations. “The company’s regional roots are embedded in its DNA. The vast majority of our staff were born in this region and we also work with a large number of local suppliers. In addition, we never stopped investing, not even during the crisis. That’s why the decision to expand this site was just a matter of course.”

Investment in growth, focus on R&D

The expansion of the Moorsele site requires an investment of approximately € 20 million.

According to founder Paul Ameloot, the main reasons for the investment project are the continued expansion of the R&D department, international growth, pure ambition and also the added logistic challenges arising from the sector’s increasing complexity. “Since its incorporation, Delta Light has focused on in-house design, product development and production. This creative process demands constant alertness and the implementation of new technologies. Moreover, Delta Light likes to stand out from the competition by launching extensive new collections on a frequent basis. In turn, this causes the R&D department and the product development and testing facilities to expand. As a result, the combination of these factors, the continued breakthrough of LEDs and the company’s own ambitions demand a continuous investment, not only in innovation and R&D but also in terms of space.”

The new building will house a state-of-the-art automated logistic centre, which should further improve product flow and process control.  This frees up a sizeable area in the existing accommodation for the expansion of the R&D department, the lab and the production unit.

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