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FRAGMA Functional Flexible Focused

No two lighting schemes are identical. Different geometries, different heights, different needs, there is more than only one factor that impacts a lighting set-up. The Fragma range easily adapts to any variable influencing the project, thanks to a multitude in optics, lumen packages and dimming possibilities.

Its simple design and its circular shape let you use Fragma throughout the project, as it blends in perfectly in any architectural environment, combining clean cut optical performance, light quality and visual comfort.

Fragma is based on Delta Light’s LED Caset® technology, which combines multiple LEDs with individual collimator lenses per LED to generate a clean-cut light distribution. The individual lenses create a multi-layered light distribution to generate a 14° beam angle as standard. Be it for the smaller 2x2 version or the high-power 4x4 Fragma, by concentrating the lenses together, the light distribution will be the same thanks to the multi-layering process.

By using lenses, the light beam of iMax II can be completely controlled, as 100% of the light emitted by the LED engine goes through the lens and is being directed in the desired way. As a result, more precise beam angles can be created compared to the use of reflectors, as a reflector has no complete control of the light emitted by the LED engine.

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