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Most of us can't imagine a life without a smartphone. It's our personal work assistant, we use it to stay in touch with friends and family, we use it to play and stream music and much more. So why not use it to control our lights at home or in the office? Delta Light has joinded forces with Casambi to make our lights smart.

Delta Light introduces CTRL DELTA, a wireless dimming solution that enables you to control and manage a selection of luminaires via the CTRL DELTA app on your mobile devices (Apple or Android). CTRL DELTA enabled luminaires can also be controlled from a regular wall switch without the app.

How to in 5 easy steps

1. Order your desired CTRL DELTA unit (not standard included with luminaire)
2. Install the CTRL DELTA unit
3. Download the Casambi App in the App or Play Store.
4. Find your CTRL DELTA unit in the Casambi app, using Bluetooth.
5. Take a picture of your room and place the light controls upon the related pictures.

Now you can visually manage your luminaires directly through the picture.

All products automatically create a wireless mesh network. The lighting can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, smart watches, push buttons, switches or the Xpress. Smart control can even be achieved from old wall switches without changing the wiring.

CTRL Delta

With CTRL DELTA you can:

  • Dim the lighting
  • Group luminaires
  • Configure, save and recall scenes
  • Configure, save and recall animations
  • Use the Schedule to recall scenes or animations based on time and date
  • Adjust colours
  • Adjust colour temperatures
  • Use motion sensors
  • Take pictures of your spaces and add lighting control directly to your picture
  • Take sunrise and sunset into account while defining timers
  • Get status information from the system
  • Update the firmware over-the-air


Geolocation - sunrise/sunset

Simply by using the gps position of your smartphone or tablet thesystem is able to know when the sun rises or sets. You can use this to manage scenes; there is no need for a light sensor

Scenes - Atmosphere control

Set one or more lamps to a certain level to create the correct atmosphere for a dinner, a day at the office or whatever you want. Scenes can be activated with a push button or with the app. Loop several scenes in an animation for some effects.

Gallery - App personalisation

Take pictures or upload pictures from your mobile device to use as a control screen for your lamp fixtures.

Switch and Dim easily

Short tapping with the finger switches the lamp on and off. Swiping your finger on the picture will dim the light. Easy-peasy.

Sharing and authorisation

Decide who can control you network. Admin and visitor passwords can be set so you decide who can control and who can change settings.

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