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Beach vacation home located in Puerto San José, Escuintla, Guatemala of approximately 1,800 square meters. This house was designed in a Balinese type architecture and consists of a main 2 story house with the main living areas, 2 independent one story bungalows, a large pool, an exterior eating area and a lounge area which is located near the beach.

The main entrance is connected to the rest of the house by a series of interconnected pathways that pass through pools of water and lead to a central lobby overlooking the pool and further back, the beach and the ocean. The interior spaces were designed thinking about the importance of their connection with the exterior and the view towards the ocean, achieved through the use of windows that can be moved and opened completely.

The bungalows were also designed so that all beds are facing the ocean, and the second level has a large terrace that overlooks the beach. Close attention was paid to details throughout the house, including wooden screens that provide privacy to certain rooms, wooden ceilings that were carefully illuminated, and the use of focal points through the spaces.

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