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Juanan Barros


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Interior, Living room, Residential, Bathroom, Kitchen, Staircase, Bedroom, Exterior, Overhanging eave, Swimming pool


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Located in the hills along the Costa Tropical in the south of Spain, this villa enjoys spectacular ocean views and abundance of natural light year round. The design of the house acknowledges that fact and creates proportionate glass openings toward the south. During the day, the outstanding views capture the attention and virtually introduce the Mediterranean Sea within the house. Sunrise and sunset produce spectacular colour tints in the interior.
In this context, trying to compete with the environment would have been an impossible task. On the contrary, the lighting was not designed to compete with nature, but to add value and atmosphere during the night. After the overwhelming contribution from natural light during the day, residents needs a cosy environment, rich in contrast and right balance of light and shadow.
Different colour temperatures were used depending on the room and the atmospheres that were required. With the views toward the Mediterranean Sea being as important during the night as during the day, the lighting was carefully selected to enjoy those great views at night too.

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