Lighting design can be a crucial intensifier of a brand’s image. When used for showroom, lighting becomes a marketing tool, an instrument to endorse brand and corporate image, while creating an inviting area that helps establish customer relationships.

State-of-the-art showroom design, and product characteristics, come to best effect only when lighted in a distinctive, functional and attractive way. It ensures not only that products and messages can be seen, but it also demonstrates a company’s innovative strength, environmental policy and design savvy.

Delta Light luminaires have been used by some of the world’s leading brands to energize their product design statements and brand messages, aiming to create new levels of customer loyalty. Delta Light sets products and messages centre stage, creating a vibrant and stylish atmosphere.

Across different markets Delta Light has built particular expertise when it comes to car showroom designs, including McLaren, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and other brands.

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