Delta Light® has had a wide range of outdoor lighting for several years. Going for uplights under a tree to create a theatrical effect? Want to play with endless lines of light? Or maybe you’re choosing LEDs with lenses to bring walls and structures to life? Over a hundred fittings for walls, floors and ceiling offer endless possibilities thanks to innovative technology in various styles for recessed or surface-mounted lights.

Take the application into consideration.

Good lighting is meant to enhance the shadows and nuances of your garden. All gardens, no matter what size, have different characteristics and will only be “lit well” if all these are taken into consideration. Lighting should be there to complement your garden design, allowing you to use your garden for longer. Consider your outdoor lifestyle. How do you wish to enjoy your garden? Where and when do you need lighting? Create a lighting plan that is tailored to your needs and expectations.

Decide on the desired light intensity.
Lighting a feature like a tree, a pond or a garden path too strongly, will make everything else in the garden look dark. When it comes to providing a functional and atmospheric effect outdoors, light fittings using LED technology offer the ideal solution to accentuate characteristic features in your garden. In the past, gardens have generally been lit with an all-or-nothing philosophy. The result is that a few powerful lights tend to make the rest of your garden disappear. This is a common mistake and not only because previously the lowest wattage available in garden lighting was roughly about 50 watts. In this scenario led-lighting offers a better solution, enabling you to illuminate your garden with lower wattage.

Cold white or warm white lights?
You have the choice between two lamp colors: cold white (5400-6500°K) and warm white (<3300°K). Halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs produce warm white light, but have a higher consumption. Fortunately, there are good alternatives available these days. Energy-saving lamps, gas discharge and LEDs are available with warm or cold white light color, enabling you to create the best and energyefficient result.

Deciding on lamp color depends on your overall lighting plan and expectations. Rather than choosing one, a mix of both might be the right answer for you. Alongside the classic spotlight, up-down light beams or accent lighting, LED fixtures with lenses create a sharp edged light pattern on any surface, giving an expressive touch to that surface or walking path. A whole new range of light effects to keep your eye on. Creating the right lighting effect in your garden can make all the difference, so it is worth spending some time planning it properly to achieve the desired effect, enabling you to make the most of every spare minute outdoors.

Style and safety

Including light fixtures to your garden impacts the overall appearance of your house, and often influences not only how you experience your outdoor but also your indoor living. Designing your garden lighting plan is an ideal occasion to add style and appearance to your house, increasing ambiance and flair to your garden lifestyle and get-togethers. If you are being conscious about the architecture of your home, and the design of your interior, than outdoor lighting can surely be the finishing touch to your project. One can even create an overall lighting plan from the inside to the outside as if the outside is an extension of your living room, thereby enhancing space and atmosphere at night. As well as looking great, garden lighting also assists on a safety and security level. It can bring light to the edge of a patio or deck, doorways, pathways and walkways, or any other area which is otherwise.

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