Compatible ceiling types

Compatible ceiling types

Today, a new feature has been added to the website for the Luminaires section, allowing you to find products based on their compatibility with your ceiling type. First of all, a new filter will appear when selecting the existing "Ceiling" + "Recessed" filter options. This allows you to find specific products based on the "ceiling type" mounting compatibility:

Available options today are system ceiling, plasterboard, stucanet, wood, concrete (+plaster), lintel + plaster or hollow-core slab (+plaster). Other ceiling types might be added to the list in the future.

When you look at the detail page of a product, you will get an overview of all the ceiling types suitable for this specific product. If a product can be mounted directly into the ceiling, no option will be listed below the ceiling type. When a mounting kit is optional or required for installation in plastered concrete, lintel or hollow-core slab, this will be listed below the ceiling type.

Go and try it out by starting with the Ceiling + Recessed filter options

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