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Delta Light® at Euroluce 2015

Delta Light® at Euroluce 2015

A new Lighting Bible and some eye-catching newcomers

Good news for inspiration seekers. Delta Light presents the 11th edition of the Lighting Bible. A new catalogue that features a contemporary take on a few archetypes, miniaturisation of LED lighting, new materials, new applications, new shapes and lots of extensions for existing series. All in- house manufactured designs, unveiled for the first time from 14 through 19 April at Euroluce in Milan.

A new Lighting Bible, new collections presented in a new stand concept at Euroluce, and a thor- oughly revamped and expanded showroom. Creativity is everywhere at Delta Light. The Western Flanders based manufacturer of architectural lighting is exhibiting a wide range of innovations. From miniature recessed luminaires with powerful light output, to archetypical lighting forms with a modern twist and a major expansion of product families. The new catalogue has over 30% new product references... Should it be any surprise that the Lighting Bible has grown to over 1,100 pages of inspiration?

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