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Type Light altering devices
Recessed depth n.a.
Thickness of mounting surface n.a.
Information n.a.
Class n.a.
Nett weight 0.1 Kg
Minimum distance n.a.
Remarks n.a.
Used by these products
BOXY XL R 92720 DIM5
BOXY XL R 92737 DIM5
BOXY XL R 93020 DIM5
BOXY XL R 93037 DIM5
BOXY XL S 92720 DIM5
BOXY XL S 92737 DIM5
BOXY XL S 93020 DIM5
BOXY XL S 93037 DIM5
BOXY XL R 92720
BOXY XL R 92720 DIM1
BOXY XL R 92737
BOXY XL R 92737 DIM1
BOXY XL R 93020
BOXY XL R 93020 DIM1
BOXY XL R 93037
BOXY XL R 93037 DIM1
BOXY XL S 92720
BOXY XL S 92720 DIM1
BOXY XL S 92737
BOXY XL S 92737 DIM1
BOXY XL S 93020
BOXY XL S 93020 DIM1
BOXY XL S 93037
BOXY XL S 93037 DIM1
BOXY XL R C 92720
BOXY XL R C 92737
BOXY XL R C 93020
BOXY XL R C 93037

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