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The characteristics of the AULA family

Aula stands out thanks to its far-reaching lighting pattern on the floor. Its cubist shape is completed with Delta Light’s LED array technology, combined with a lens, providing a very powerful light effect.

The light beam emerges from above, radiates on the white inside of the Aula and descends to the ground, to surprise with a distinctive and widespread lighting pattern on the floor. The light source is not visible, so there is no direct exposure and dazzle. The half-moon shape and interior white lacquering provide maximum efficiency and reflection, to get the most out of the 6W led.

Aula comes in two heights (260mm and 600m) and is available in Delta Light’s exclusive grey-brown colour, merging with the tones of nature. Aula completes driveways and landscape design with both elegance and functional lighting.

AULA subfamilies

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