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The characteristics of the BREESS family

Breess is a stylized and decorative indirect wall mounted luminaire, inspired on the poetic movement from sheets of paper, twirling in the wind. The luminaires can be used as an individual, playful lighting accent or mounted in a symmetric or asymmetric set-up. By mounting multiple Breess luminaires in a composition, a dynamic play of light is created on the wall.

Breess comes in two versions, either ”portrait” or ”landscape”, referring to the orientation of a printed sheet of paper, both curled up from 1 corner. Either version can be mounted on the wall in 2 directions, by combining different models and multiple ways of mounting an infinite amount of unique set-ups can be created. The thin curled front panel uses a similar length-to-width ratio as regular A4 paper sheets and has a matt white finishing, referring to a standard sheet of paper and its most common colour.

By adding a hidden wall fixation to the thin sheet, the luminaires seem to float against the wall, enhancing the sense of space around the luminaire, perfectly applicable in residential and hospitality projects, bars and restaurants.

Design by LUC RAMAEL & Delta Light

BREESS subfamilies

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