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The characteristics of the D-LINER family

Every year, regulations on building and renovation get stricter in terms of energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness and sustainability. Apart from lighting, this also impacts cooling and heating, ventilation, acoustics, …
As a consequence, trends and challenges arise to combine lighting with ventilation, acoustics and technical or smart ceiling solutions.

Two examples of high-end technical ceilings are the SAPP ceiling of Interalu and HeartFelt ceiling of Hunter-Douglas. SAPP stands for Smart Acoustic Passive Power, it combines an aesthetic design and optimal acoustics into a climate-control ceiling. The HeartFelt ceiling is a felt ceiling system with great acoustic characteristics. Both ceiling systems build on modularity and allow for a linear lighting solution in between or in line with the panels. With D-Liner, Delta Light offers 3 types of lighting solutions that match these ceiling types.

D-LINER subfamilies

Recent Projects

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