The characteristics of the EN-SUITE family

En-Suite is straight to the point.
Delivering an ambitious 120lm/W with an outer diameter of just 54mm and 50mm height.
Minimal recyclable components, efficient use of materials and high performing low glare optics, En-Suite is designed around efficiency in all its aspects and in every detail.

All this makes En-Suite perfectly suitable for energy conscious projects like hospitality and residential: easy to install thanks to its limited height and single circular ceiling cut-out. With
options of IP20 and IP44, En-Suite follows through from general areas into damp locations like bathrooms and is highly energy efficient due to the 120 lumens per watt delivered on luminaire level. This high-performer makes it possible to perfectly light up a bathroom of 4m² with only 15W or a hallway of 20m² by consuming only 40W. En-Suite easily lowers the general consumption below 1,50W/m² per 100lux, quite a performance!

EN-SUITE subfamilies

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