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The characteristics of the NYX family

The Nyx is a fusion of advanced product engineering and minimalistic design, balancing between functionality and aesthetics. Nyx symbolises that simplicity doesn’t always have to be simple. The body is distinguished by its extreme slim shape. Nonetheless, this product surprises thanks to the newest led technology with a strong light efficiency.

A good cooling plays a decisive role in the life and efficiency of LEDs. With the Nyx, the balance between material choice and design results in a housing that fulfills the necessary cooling function. Despite its extremely flat design, our product engineers succeeded in uniting the durability of the LED with a powerful warm light. The black aluminium housing contrasts with the delicate white acrylic bottom. This finish provides a pleasant diffuse light and avoids glare. The minimal part that comes out of the uplighting bottom gives this suspended light an extra dimension.

NYX subfamilies

Recent Projects

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