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The characteristics of the POLESANO family

Polesano is the result of the first collaboration between Delta Light and Dean Skira. The goal was to develop a new lighting concept designed specifically for urban settings, whether it is a pedestrian pathway, roadway, park, square, façade or landscape. The concept needed to provide maximum flexibility for the designer while maintaining the same aesthetic for the entire system, regardless of the area.

Polesano is a striking combination of modularity and flexibility that allows the designer to meet the specific functional and aesthetic requirements of any project. Integrating video surveillance, Wi-Fi, speakers or other Internet of Things elements is a next step in the development of Polesano. 'The main idea behind “POLESANO” was to create a “device” that combines all types of lighting into a single aesthetically unique structure, where the pole and the fitting become one body,' explains Dean Skira.

Polesano is characterized by a pure, minimalist design that doesn’t overpower its environment. A focus on modularity and flexibility allows Polesano to meet its multi-zone lighting requirements in a continuous and uniform design language. Thanks to different optics and sizes, Polesano enables both precise lighting and a combination of lighter and darker zones for an effective blend of landscape, social interaction and lighting.

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