The characteristics of the SUPERDOME family

Cosiness is large and round; of that the Superdome is proof. This hanging fitting was initially created as an XXL version of Tweeter, one of the award winners in the collection. The Superdome is perfectly at home in double ceiling heights, or just as an atmospheric dome over the dining table or as an eye-catcher in the hall at home or the office.

The body made from polyester is available with a black or white exterior, the interior is white for optimal light diffusion. At first glance the Superdome looks very simple, but it is well thought-out. The light source is concealed behind a large diffuser, recessed into the dome obscuried direct from view and preventing glare.

The Superdome is available with dimmable LEDs or as a version with a traditional E27 fitting for a greater choice of lamps.

SUPERDOME subfamilies

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