The most versatile of the range. Similar as with Femtoline 25, one can opt for direct lighting with Femtoline 35 or a more indirect general lighting with Femtoline 35 F. Furthermore, Femtoline 35 can also used within the trimless Femtoline 35 TR profile, creating a black cove filled with strokes of light. As a pendant for down or down-up lighting, one can either opt for the straightforward Femtoline 35 F HE D-U or the more pronounced Femtoline 35 X D-U with its A-shaped design that hides away the plexi from below.

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393 00 00
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FTL35 TR - PROFILE Installation manual Specsheet
End caps
393 03 01 FTL35 TR - END CAP SET
393 06 01 FTL35 TR - CORNER 180°
393 06 06 FTL35 TR - CORNER 90°
Fixation components
393 14 01 FTL35 TR - CLIP

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