The characteristics of the FINTO II profile family

Building on the flexibility of our Superloop, adding the refinement of our 2F track and shrinking down the design to the level of our Shelfline. The result? Finto II!

This miniature profile lets you combine accent lighting and decorative lighting in the shape of Microspy, Midispy, Hedra and Tweeter M.
Containing 2 48V and 2 DIM conductors for individual DALI dimming, the slender profile can easily be combined with Smart 48 and CTRL Delta to offer a quick and easy, minimalistic, wireless lighting set-up.

Finto II has many application possibilities, as it dimensions are reduced to a minimum which allow a surface mounted installation that only requires a minimum of space.
Be it in residential, hospitality or in retail, the different modules to apply on the Finto II track can be used for accent lighting or decorative lighting, offering multiple ways of flexibility.

FINTO II profile subfamilies

Recent Projects

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