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The characteristics of the MICROLINE profile family

A series of slim, made-to-measure LED profiles which stand out for their versatility and clean-cut design. The Microline profiles are designed to create uninterrupted lines of light, ideal to accentuate architectural lines or be used as general lighting.

The Microline Trimless Wall profile is the perfect solution for cove lighting. The ability to create lines, internal and external corner allows the designer to draw all perimeters of the room, even those with the most expressive geometrics. Wall wash, wall grazing and invisible light effect, all without interruption.

The new Microline 40/60 profile was created as a high efficiency replacement for the original 30/50 profile. The high-output led array is available with a dimmable power supply with 151lm/W and as a non-dimmable version delivering 167lm/W. In addition, the 40+ features a protruding polycarbonate for extra wide light output.

Microline TR

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