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Protecting Designs

Delta Light® is and has always been at the forefront of new developments and has consequently gained an established position as a leading innovator of exclusive products in the lighting sector. An unfortunate consequence of the company’s design focused philosophy is the high number of slavish copies available on the market. These infringements upon Delta Lights' intellectual property rights are seen as an act of unfair competition, and an encroachment on Delta Light's innovative design positioning and its success.

To protect its brand image and honor the commitment and loyalty of its worldwide clientele, Delta Light® actively pursues and summons all manufacturers and distributors of Delta Light® product copies on a global scale, enforcing all offenders to immediately cease the manufacture, offer, commercialisation, use, promotion, distribution and the trading of the product. In this respect, Delta Light® has established a strict policy worldwide for enforcing the exclusivity in its designs by all legal means.

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