Lighting Bible

First published in 1997, The Lighting Bible® has grown to become a reference in the lighting industry. The catalogue seamlessly combines technical information with inspiration, for professionals as well as end-users. At the same time, The Lighting Bible® presents an overview of projects by Delta Light® worldwide – from residential to retail, offices, showrooms, hospitality and public buildings.

Open up The Lighting Bible 14 and embark on a journey of imagination and creation, with a wealth of astounding new architectural lighting solutions and awe-inspiring project photography from around the world, in the realms of residential, hospitality, office, retail, landscape design and more.

The Lighting Bible 14 offers you a collection of ambitious new lighting solutions, in-house designs and guest designer collaborations, that explore the limits of design, performance, architecture and technology. Cutting-edge optics, new textures, architecture-embracing solutions and decorative expressions offer you all the tools for your lighting projects.

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